Happy Tails!

Thank you for your assistance during a difficult time, I would be lost without my cat!!!!!!

Kibble Korner has a mission to keep our area's pets fed and in the homes they know and love.  As families struggle with the loss of jobs, your help can make all the difference to sparing children, parents, and the family pet the heartache of separation.

We also help many of our senior citizens who are on fixed incomes and may not have family members to assist them.

Welcome to

Kibble Korner

We'll feed your pet when you can't

100% of monetary donations are used to purchase dog and cat food.  There are no administration wages associated with Kibble Korner.  We are an all volunteer group.

A food pantry for Winnebago County's pets and their families.

These tough economic times have seen a dramatic increase in the number of family pets abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters because their families can't afford to feed them.  To address this need, the Kibble Korner Pet Pantry has been established to help area families who are struggling to keep their animals and their families intact.  Kibble Korner supplies our county's residents with food for their hungry pets.


Adoption Event

LouBachrodt Auto Mall

(near Cherryvale mall)


October 3, 2015

10 am. - 4 pm.

We will be collecting pet food

for kibble korner, along with many local rescues, animals for adoption, vendors, pet treats for sale, food, raffles, silent auctions, dog nail trims, lots of fun for everyone!



I am so grateful for help in feeding my German Shepherd, he means the world to me...he is all I have!